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which is a member of the International Federation of Artists and Artists Union of Russia.

Are you okay stopped - because here you can see my work and to order a portrait , landscape, copy , picture of any genre and technology, as well as purchase original paintings , which have participated in exhibitions.

Individual photo shoots and portfolio, wedding and reportage photography - always happy to do for you.

Sophisticated connoisseurs can order a photo collage (photo- painting) on any topic as well as cartoons and friendly caricature to parties, corporate events and weddings .

I have developed training programs - drawing, painting , photography for people indifferent to art , for both beginners and advanced professionals. And, of course , short lectures or workshops can be done on a request galleries, photo studios, art studios and other similar organizations.

Sure, picture or photo in your house should have a story . But if it is drawn for you personally , it is better if the artist with its own history . On my site you can find publications in press releases and a list of my exhibition.

Five reasons why a pleasant and beneficial to have in the house painting:

1 - a work of art in the house - this is a confirmation of your status in society.

2 - is a favorable atmosphere for the development and education of children  - who in the future will be the developed  individuality

3 - a good investment (painting over the years do not cheaper).

4 - is a positive charge on each day from the contemplation of the picture at home.

5 - you can be proud of yourself - you gave it the artist to live on and do more.

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